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On this page we shall be describing some of the events that the IRG organizes and sponsors.

Recent Events

Brown Ribbon


The Brown Ribbon is an ongoing memorial event in honor of the estimated 1.5 million (some sources say even more) Romani men, women and children murdered by the Nazis in Germany and all those that went before and after, as well as those that were mutilated in mind and body as a result of being incarcerated in the concentration camps or having been persecuted in other ways just for being of the Romani Race.


The ribbons are handmade by IRG members and are available for a suggested minimum donation of 2 incl. postage. They are intended to be worn as a mark of honor and respect to the Romani Martyrs, as well as a talking point to let people know about the suffering of the Romani People in the Holocaust and that it was not only the Jews that were persecuted and exterminated by the Nazis, for reasons of Race.


You may, if you wish, make your own ribbon(s) in support of this cause but we would request that a donation of 1 is then sent to the organization to be added to the funds for our work.


The Brown Ribbon idea is copyright to the Founder and Rakepaskro of the IRG, M.Veshengro Smith.

Upcoming Events

To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Contact Us" page.

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