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The International Romani Guild intends to initiate projects of various kinds on behalf of the Romani People worldwide...

Some of the projects currently envisaged and underway are listed below.

Romani Library (electronic): an electronic library of documents on Romani Life, Culture, etc. Amongst the books and papers in this library will be material of the old Gypsyologists, which means to say books that may no longer be in print and available generally, as long as those are in the public domain, as well as other important material that is to be had. This library shall be produced on CD-ROM in the portable document format (PDF).


Books: Other books, collections of essays, etc. on Romani Life are intended to be published by the IRG and made available on CD-ROM, also in PDF.


Fundraising: As the organizers of this site and the IRG are not rich, in monetary terms, and do not receive financial grants, or make large sums from exploiting Amare Fohki, (as many do?):

…in order to assist in furthering the work of the IRG it is suggested that a ‘collection box’ might be kept in every Romani household that is willing to participate, where the small change that is left in one’s pockets at the end of the day, or other small coins, can be donated by members of the family, as and whenever they feel like doing so.


Other projects are in the pipeline, so to speak, and shall be made public as and when.

For further information on any of these please use our "Contact Us" page.

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