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The International Romani Guild, the IRG, is a non-profit, internet based, organization, joining together Romani (Gypsy) people from throughout the world, that have the desire and intent to work toward the advancement of our Romani (Gypsy) people in whatever part of the world they may live.


Our aim is to work for the advancement of the Romani Race on a worldwide level, starting with the People themselves, in order that future generations may face an improved and secure future; a future wherein the Romani People are afforded opportunity to live their lives, secure in the knowledge that they are treated on an equal footing, and with the same respect for their human rights, as are the rest of the society among whom they, the Romani People, are living. 


The IRG was conceived and founded, not through any failure to gain a foothold in existing or established “Romani” (?) bodies, (such as the “International Romani Union”, etc.), as some are likely to claim, but because other organizations, despite their long-standing recognition, and considerable financial support from various sources, were/are simply “failing to deliver the goods”, as it were, to Amare Romani Fohki?.


The organization itself is one of dedicated Romani individuals, men and women, of all ages, that have a proven track record in the field of working, selflessly, for Amare Fohki.  We insist that mercenaries and other ‘self-seekers’, whether Romani or Gohja, have no place among us!

Membership of the IRG is by nomination/invitation only.  Tatcho applications for membership may be considered.

The Team

The IRG is governed by a Trishul of Elders.


M Veshengro Smith – Rakepaskro

O Tom Odley – ElderPress & Media Officer

Chiriya Shearer – ElderSenior Officer for Women’s Concerns

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